In this module, students come into contact with various facets of the field of personal resilience. They learn to recognise the key topics that can have an influence on well-being, stress resilience and performance. Together and individually, they reflect on how these topics show up in their lives. They learn to assess and manage their own resources and how to apply methods to increase well-being and personal resilience. They plan how to approach topics that are the most relevant to them and reflect on the methods they apply. The students will learn how to relate the module topics to settings in their professional careers.

The students will get the opportunity to bring in their own topics or challenges they face. That way the topics of the module can be adapted to each cohort.

This module examines the technologies and processes relevant to the food industry in terms of food value creation (local and global). The students not only learn to recognise and understand such technologies and processes, but also to describe, record, implement and evaluate them. State-of-the-art technologies are presented and explained using practical examples. The aim is also to adapt and optimise existing technologies and processes in order to make them more regenerative and expedient. Practical relevance is guaranteed through practical exercises and excursions (factory and laboratory).

In this module, normative and strategic corporate and management processes as well as marketing concepts are explored in detail.  This includes methods and instruments for calculating market potential, break even, market research, etc. The formulation of strategies, their evaluation using SWOT analyses or impact evaluations, and an understanding of leadership models offer an additional perspective.

Innovation ideas are developed on the basis of mini cases, using selected methods, such as co-creation based on customer benefit (user experience, pain points i.a.), and are visualised in a Sustainable Business Model Canvas. At the end of the module, the mini case will be presented in a pitch session. A document is designed targeted at possible investors.