Your task is to invent a new service (concept, design and implementation as a "testable prototype" and business model) with the help of all the information and tools you got and used in SEG.V 21/22. 

Therefore you work with companies on their cases. 

The following boundary conditions apply:

- You are embedded in a service department of a (large) company. The users of your service can be, on the one hand, the customers of the large company (i.e. those who already receive services today), or, on the other hand, internal customers such as the service technicians of the large company. In both cases we call the service users "customers".

- The costs of your service must be financed. This can be done through additional revenue from the large company's customers, or through savings in your internal service processes.

- You must be able to operate economically in the long term. This does not have to mean that you make a profit from day one - but your service must be designed to make a profit in the long term. 

- You can make assumptions about creating a service ecosystem in which you cooperate with other companies to deliver your service.

The development process is structured by phases that are completed with milestones. At each milestone you must present certain results in the form of a report, which are described below. Normally, a presentation takes place at the milestones.