Terms & conditions

Basic objectives, course content, credits etc. are defined in the official Module and course description (MoKu).
Following some complementary infos and clarifications.


Current developments regarding the coronavirus and the corresponding decisions and rules of conduct within the ZHAW can be found in the intranet: https://intra.zhaw.ch/departemente/school-of-engineering/informationen-zum-coronavirus/

Assessment and grading policy

Type and wight of the required achievements are basically defined in the Module and course description (MoKu). Further information about the grading system of this course is stated in the "Course agreement" below.

Remark: In any case binding are the exam and grading regulations of ZHAW School of Engineering.

Final exam

The final exam (Semesterendprüfung) is in written form* and takes place for all classes at the same time in the exam weeks. All course content including lectures, excercises, labs and self study will be tested. For more info consolidate the course agreement.

*The form of the exam (paper-based or computer-based) is subject to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If possible the final exam will be written paper-based in a room at the ZHAW.

Date & room: are announced in the  Timetable 
Duration: 90 minutes
Permitted exam aids: 1 A4 sheet (verso and recto)